Navigating the justice system can be a trying ordeal, and if you or someone that you know has been arrested, you likely want to know what you should do once your bail amount has been set. 

What do you do if you can't afford bail? The stress of needing to ask someone you know for financial assistance can lead to many people feeling hopeless, but there is an alternative option. 

A bail bond can be provided by a bond company and will allow you to leave jail early until it's time for you to arrive at court for your court date, or until you are able to fully pay your bail yourself. 

Here are a few key elements of bail bonds and bail bond companies that you need to be aware of.

1. You May Need a Cosigner

Since the bail bond company is taking on the bulk of the financial risk, they will likely require a cosigner that will help ensure that you make it to court, and pay for any fees if you are unable to do so.

2. Collateral Could Be an Option

If you don't have someone to act as a cosigner, then some form of collateral could be on the table. This could include valuables such as jewelry or property in the form of a house deed or a car. The most important aspect is that the collateral has the same valuation as your bail amount. 

3. Alternative Payment Arrangements

A bail bond company can offer you the option to pay your bail in small increments over time so that you don't have to try to pay it all at once.

4. They Help You Get Home Sooner

The end goal is to cut back on the time that you spend in jail. You can then use that time to earn more money or meet up with your lawyer so that you can be prepared for any upcoming court obligations.

5.  A Bail Bond Company Can Be Part of Your Professional Team

A bail bond company can help you to simplify the process of paying for your bail so that you can focus on other aspects of getting through the legal maze with the help of your lawyer.

Do you want to learn more about bail bonds, or are you interested in helping a friend or loved one with acquiring a bail bond? If so, get in touch with a bail bond service to get started today.