Organizing your bills takes time and practice, but it will help you prevent ugly problems like late fees, cancellations, and overdrafts. Not sure how to organize your particular set of household bills? Here are four tips you can use separately or together. 

1. Use Online Bill Pay. Online payments a great way to organize yourself and your finances. Opt for a bank or credit union that offers online bill payment, or look for a platform that can do the work for you. With online bill pay, you set up the vendors — few or many, one-time or regular — and then enter payments either manually or automatically recurring. Enter your bills as you get them, and set the payment date for the future. You'll know what's coming out of your account and when, and you don't have to remember the bill later on. 

2. Create a Station. Set up a bill-paying station in your home. This station can be a small desk or workspace, or it can be a large home office. Put everything you need within reach: checks, pens, stamps, envelopes, statements, and a computer. By having everything at hand and knowing where your bills are all stored, you can pay things efficiently and confidently. Keep kids away from the bill-paying station until they're old enough to learn how to pay household expenses. 

3. Set a Time. Have a set time once per week during which you focus on paying the bills. Keep this schedule as regular as you possibly can, and it will quickly become a habit. Even if you don't think you'll have bills to pay that week, set aside the time to check things over and to organize your finances. Having a regular schedule allows you to forget about these financial weights the rest of the time. 

4. Bundle. The fewer bills your household has, the easier it will be to keep track of them. Bundling is a great option whenever possible. Can you, for instance, get a discount by bundling your internet, phone, and cable bills? You've turned three bills into one! Try to do the same thing with house and vehicle insurance bills, credit card bills, and medical provider bills. 

Which of these organizational tips can help you get a better handle on your monthly bills? No matter what you choose, the sooner you put it into place, the more stable your financial life will become.