If you are having difficulty paying your bills on time, you are most likely searching for a solution to this predicament. There are several steps you can try in an attempt to get a handle on the amounts you owe to your creditors, possibly helping you to avoid having to file for bankruptcy as a result. Here are some tips you can use to help you in chipping away at debt owed to your creditors.

Track And Eliminate Extra Expenses

Do an assessment of each of the bills you pay each month. Writing out a list showing you all of the approximate amounts owed in addition to the dates they are due within the month will help in determining the amount you will need to make minimum payments on a timely basis. Consider ditching cable and downgrading the plan on your cell phone. Make it a priority to conserve energy in your home so bills are reduced in the near future. Eliminate any non-necessities (such as getting coffee each day or going out to eat instead of cooking at home) altogether.

Increase The Amount You Bring In

In addition to your regular job, think about getting a side-hustle to make some extra cash. This can be as simple as placing no-longer needed items up for sale on an online auction site or as elaborate as freelance writing for your own blog. Take on extra hours at work, hit the streets to see if neighbors would like their lawns mowed or sidewalks shoveled, or apply for a part-time or temporary job to supplement your regular job's income until you can get ahead on your bill payments.

Negotiate For Lowered Payment Amounts

Some creditors will work with you if you show them you are truly trying to pay your bills. Check to see if medical providers offer a discount for paying in cash. Some will also have a hardship policy where you can fill out forms about your current financial status in an attempt to get reduced payments. Call your creditors to alert them when you will be making a payment and for how much. This will help in keeping you out of collections. Correspondence is key in staying in good graces with your creditors. Be sure to follow through with the agreed upon amount and payment time. Some creditors will allow you to set up a payment plan in an attempt to get money owed to them as well.

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